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First responders have some of the hardest, most dangerous jobs. They’re the people everybody else looks to in times of trouble, the first face most see when they need rescuing, and the hands that hold back disaster. They can be found everywhere, from the smallest town to the largest city, and on the land, at sea, and in the air.

To do those jobs right and safely, you need the right gear. First Responder Products has everything you need to do the work while protecting yourself.

Whether you need state-of-the-art PPE, an entire battalion’s worth of water-proof gear, or enough gauze to stock a fleet of ambulances, First Responder Products has the supplies for you.

We carry thousands of products for emergency responders, homeland security, and more. First Responder Products also serves as the distributor for an expansive range of high-quality products, gear, equipment, and supplies for private companies and public agencies. Our offerings are constantly expanding so that we can provide you with the best in first responder equipment.

Among our product categories are the following:

◉ CERT products

◉ Fire Rescue and EMS equipment

◉ Law Enforcement equipment

◉ Military products

◉ Training and education materials

◉ Items for commercial and industrial applications

◉ Homeland security gear

◉ Environmentally friendly materials

Read below to learn more about why we do what we do, to find out about the community initiatives we support, to learn about how we can work together, or to contact us for more information.

Government Agencies and Home Builders

Our team at First Responder Products has decades of combined experience in government purchasing and supplying private businesses, too. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. For more information on bids for your project, agency, or company, no matter how big or small, please contact us at bids@firstresponderproducts.com.

Our projects only cover smaller goods and items. Because of that, we can’t help you on the home building front. If you need a Buffalo home builder who understand the importance of a good quote, we’ve got you covered with a good recommendation. Home Builders Buffalo will take care of you.

About Us

Our team of first responder professionals has first-hand experience in the field, so we understand the issues you face. The hours are long, the work is dangerous, and the stress levels are high. The last thing you need to worry about is sourcing the right gear at the right price.

We started First Responder Products as an easy, centralized clearinghouse for top-quality products for first responders at top-quality prices. You never have to worry about whether you’re getting the best deal or the best goods here. Everything we sell is backed by our price-match guarantee, and every item has a quality assurance. If you’re ever dissatisfied, just call our customer service office and we’ll work with you to make things right.

But more than a source for buying gear you can trust, we wanted to be a place where first responders can come together as a community and share resources, get ideas, and build connections. That’s why, on our site, you’ll find message boards, product reviews, educational articles and videos, and so much more.

We hope you’ll join our thriving community of public safety professionals, commercial security companies, and the military.

Green Energy and Dumpster Rentals

First Responder Products is dedicated to using green energy, recycled materials, and other environmentally-friendly approaches whenever possible. It’s good for the environment, but it’s also good for first responders.

As we’ve all seen, when there’s an emergency, the power grid often isn’t what we’re used to. Lines get knocked down, transformers blow, sometimes entire power plants get destroyed. That’s when portable, renewable energy and related gear, like small solar panels and hand-cranked radios, can make a real difference. Larger items, like portable wind turbines, can help power emergency response facilities out in the field even when the grid is wholly offline.

Many of these problems also arise when responding to emergencies in rural areas. In less-developed parts of the country, the communication networks may not be as strong, and access to power and potable water may be limited. Having portable, accessible power sources and other necessaries helps our first responders focus on what matters most: helping people who need it.

When we support the development of clean energy products, we support the development of products that help our first responders.

The best way to be green, sometimes, is to use up what you’ve got and not buy more things until you need them. When things do wear out, though, sometimes you need to haul away a lot of old gear that’s past its usefulness but not recyclable. If you need a dumpster, our favorite Buffalo dumpster rental company is Dumpster Service Buffalo.

First Responder Fence Company

Being on scene at an emergency can be hazardous to both your physical and emotional health. First responders risk themselves on a daily basis to protect everybody else, which is why we’re dedicated to supporting first responder wellness efforts in the community.

First responders often experience physical health problems that are a direct result of their work. Burning buildings and vehicles release carcinogens into the air and put first responders at increased risk for developing cancer. The physicality of the work often leads to back and neck injuries, and that rate of injuries increases the longer a first responder is on the job.

There are emotional consequences of the work first responders do, too. Because of the stressful and traumatic work they do, many first responders struggle with depression, anxiety, burnout, and even PTSD. Those who risk themselves to protect everybody else shouldn’t have to deal with the effects of that work on their own.

We’re proud supporters of community initiatives to provide mental health care, wellness, group support, and other care to first responders.

Sometimes, one way to protect first responder health is to keep a fence around disaster sites. Fences help prevent exposure to toxic materials without proper PPE. They also keep civilians out so first responders don’t have to go in and rescue them. We recommend hiring a good fence company to help with installation.

Contact Us

First Responder Products welcomes visits and other contact from the first responder community and the community at large. If you are interested in learning more about us, you can contact us using the below information:

Our headquarters is located at 15455 North Greenway-Hayden Loop #C4, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260. You can also call us at (480) 619-4747 or send an email to info@firstresponderproducts.com. One of our team members will respond to your email inquiry promptly.

At First Responder Products, we’re committed to being part of the first responder community, so our professionals regularly present on topics relevant to fire safety, emergency response, policing, paramedic techniques and strategies, and more. If you would like to arrange for a presentation, please contact us at the above contact information.

We also regularly participate in our local CERT events. Come by and say hi if you’re participating in the Scottsdale CERT training!