First Responder Fence Company

Being on scene at an emergency can be hazardous to both your physical and emotional health. First responders risk themselves on a daily basis to protect everybody else, which is why we’re dedicated to supporting first responder wellness efforts in the community.

First responders often experience physical health problems that are a direct result of their work. Burning buildings and vehicles release carcinogens into the air and put first responders at increased risk for developing cancer. The physicality of the work often leads to back and neck injuries, and that rate of injuries increases the longer a first responder is on the job.

There are emotional consequences of the work first responders do, too. Because of the stressful and traumatic work they do, many first responders struggle with depression, anxiety, burnout, and even PTSD. Those who risk themselves to protect everybody else shouldn’t have to deal with the effects of that work on their own.

We’re proud supporters of community initiatives to provide mental health care, wellness, group support, and other care to first responders.

Sometimes, one way to protect first responder health is to keep a fence around disaster sites. Fences help prevent exposure to toxic materials without proper PPE. They also keep civilians out so first responders don’t have to go in and rescue them. We recommend hiring a good fence company to help with installation.