Green Energy and Dumpster Rentals

First Responder Products is dedicated to using green energy, recycled materials, and other environmentally-friendly approaches whenever possible. It’s good for the environment, but it’s also good for first responders.

As we’ve all seen, when there’s an emergency, the power grid often isn’t what we’re used to. Lines get knocked down, transformers blow, sometimes entire power plants get destroyed. That’s when portable, renewable energy and related gear, like small solar panels and hand-cranked radios, can make a real difference. Larger items, like portable wind turbines, can help power emergency response facilities out in the field even when the grid is wholly offline.

Many of these problems also arise when responding to emergencies in rural areas. In less-developed parts of the country, the communication networks may not be as strong, and access to power and potable water may be limited. Having portable, accessible power sources and other necessaries helps our first responders focus on what matters most: helping people who need it.

When we support the development of clean energy products, we support the development of products that help our first responders.

The best way to be green, sometimes, is to use up what you’ve got and not buy more things until you need them. When things do wear out, though, sometimes you need to haul away a lot of old gear that’s past its usefulness but not recyclable. If you need a dumpster, our favorite Buffalo dumpster rental company is Dumpster Service Buffalo.